“Vineel did a fantastic job teaching the fundamentals of investing. He made it easy to follow and understand, and made it very enjoyable.”
— Justin Kim

“I went from knowing nothing about the world of finance to having a complex understanding of it in just a few weeks. The course is engaging as well as beginner-friendly, and all content is taught in a way that is fun and easy to follow. Financial literacy is something everyone must have in order to successfully navigate our modern day world, regardless of career, so I’m so glad that I took this course!”
— Rohan Kurup

Invessential was a great introduction to investing! I learned about stocks, bonds, funds, and many other investing topics.
— Aakanksha Deb

Vineel is very inviting and clear, he loves to teach and has a great way of doing things around stocks and investing. I learned a lot of great information and stock info and now have been up over 100% in some stocks, great course overall and would recommend 100%.
— Jad Shehadeh

I took Invessential’s course in the summer of last year not knowing anything about investing or anything of the sort whatsoever. However, by the time the course ended, I felt I had a much, much better understanding of how the world of investing works, and I became more confident in my abilities to “successfully” invest in the future. I would totally recommend this course if you’re a complete beginner to investing like I was; it’ll teach you virtually everything there is to know!
— Somya Nog