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Learn basic investing concepts

Our investing mini-course teaches you the basics of the US stock market, as well as how to get started through 30 carefully-crafted lessons. Content was made with beginners in mind – easy to understand with no complicated terms.

Indices, stocks, and more...

View major indices across the globe, the most active stocks on the market, the top gainers and losers on the market, as well as sector definitions, examples, real-time performance, and historical performance.

Quotes for over 4,000 stocks. Search for stocks and receive information on basic data, ratios, performance, dividends, and company profile.

Invessential App Watchlist

Create a personalized watchlist

Track the movement of your favorite stocks: create a watchlist to track up to 20 of your favorite stocks. A simple UI makes it easy to add, delete, and move around stocks on your watchlist.

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